Circle vs Square – Shoot ‘Em Up

Game Description

Circle vs Square is Shoot ‘em up game type bullet hell with unique gameplay. Your mission: survive until you defeat the boss of square.

When players destroy enemy, player will get points for special modes and then when the special bar fully charged, player automatic release special skill and get a rate of fire bonus, bonus damage, hit points bonus and slow motion for the specified time.

You can easily configure the player , enemies , sounds , score points , enemy spawn timer , game speed , and other configurations that have been available through config variables that has been provided , so as to facilitate and speed up the process of publishing the game.

  • Multi-platform
  • One-touch Control
  • Unique Gameplay
  • 6 Bullets Hell type
  • Construct 3 Ready
  • Capx Source Included
  • Cordova Project
  • Android Project
  • HTML5

Client: Codecanyon

Skills: Construct 2, Construct 3, Cordova, HTML5

Platform: HTML5, Android, iOS, Windows

Release Date: June 27, 2016