Before you can export Construct 2 or Construct 3 Cordova project to a native Android APP you will need install these following software :

  • Node.js
  • Apache Cordova CLI
  • Java SE Development Kit 8(JDK)
  • Android Studio

If you already installed above following software then you can jump to Construct 2 & 3 Build APK on Windows – Part 2

Install Node.js & Cordova

Download Node.js from this link download here

After install process finished check node.js installed, on command prompt  type:
npm -v

You should see Node.js version number.

Then if you are on Windows operating system, open command prompt then type:
npm install -g cordova

After install process finished check Cordova CLI installed correctly, type:
cordova -v

You should see Cordova version number.

Install Java SE Development Kit 8

Download Java SE Development Kit 8 on this link then select your operating system version. After finished installing Java SE Development Kit 8 then we add Java path to system environment.

On Windows Operating System, open run then type SystemPropertiesAdvanced and then click Environment variables button. See screenshot picture below:

After click Environment variables button then click New… button.

Create variable name “JAVA_HOME” without ” and then click “Browse Directory…” button then select  your Java JDK installed folder, see screenshot below for more details.

Still on environment variables window, double click “Path” on System variables” list box then create new environment variable by click “New” button then add this text “your java jdk installation folder\jdk1.8.0_192\bin” or if you are install JDK using default directory then enter this text “C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.8.0_192\bin” without “.

Install Android Studio

Download Android Studio on this link, when installation process you will need to select location for Android SDK (note: this is only for SDK not Android Studio installation target directory, example for mine:

Android Studio installed inside directory: “C:\Program Files\Android\Android Studio
SDK path location: “C:\Android\SDK

After installation process finished then open Android Studio, we needed install SDK version, follow these screenshot images guide:

Click Configure

Select SDK Manager

Select SDK API Level then install

Next step, we need add Android SDK path to system environment. Open Run and type SystemPropertiesAdvanced and then click “Environment variables” button.

Click “New..” button

Add Variable name: “ANDROID_HOME” and Variable value: “your SDK folder location” without “, then click ok.

Double click “Path” on the list box text then follow the guide from the screenshot below:

Next step add build-tools version to Environment Variables.

Last step is restart your computer but, do not restart if your Android SDK manager still under downloading process. After all steps done then you can continue read Construct 2 & 3 Build APK on Windows – Part 2

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