Javanie Game Developer

About Me

Javanie loves creating games and web applications. He began his journey through independent game development in 2001 as a solo game developer. He loves creating games that make the players feel as if they are playing an old school game but feels modern game.


He uses Construct 2 / Construct 3 for HTML5 game, for another platform he uses Unity 3D and Unreal Engine 4.


He is a semicolon lover, when his eyes getting tired and avoid drink more coffee visual scripting is probably the best solution for him.


There are millions of tools in the cyberspace world, he doesn't believe if just using the 3 tools above for creating games.

Lastest Projects

Online Virtual Drums Pad

Virtu Drums Pads

  • HTML5 Virtual Drum Online

Virtu Drums Pads is virtual drum kits online that very easy to use, you can choose from 396 drum sound samples to create, save and edit your drum pads and record it as audio files.

Live Preview Check it out
Gravity Escape Game

Gravity Escape

  • HTML5 Platform Game

Gravity Escape is mini puzzle platformer game, with simple one-touch control mechanism to control player’s gravity. Just touch anywhere to switch the gravity. Your mission is finding the way to the exit door by switch the player’s gravity but avoid spikes, traps and monster.

Live Preview Check it out
Online Virtual Drums Pad


  • HTML5 Adventure Platform Game

SeasonLand is a classic 2D pixel art platformer game. Please help the Bunny Bot to complete his journey finding the way out, but be careful a lot of evil monsters and a deadly trap that will be waiting for your journey.

Live Preview Check it out
Gravity Escape Game

Masked Stabber

  • HTML5 Puzzle Platform Game

Masked Stabber is retro pixel puzzle action platformer HTML 5 game. The game rules are very simple, do not anyone let see you just stab them from behind or you lose. Become a deadly assassin and play through 30 challenging levels.

Live Preview Check it out